Register and Qualify for Government Contracting

Proper Registration Process for Small Businesses in Qualifying for Government

It is not rare for small businesses to get government contracting since it is a way for them to help small businesses grow. The businesses require proper registration for them to qualify. Doing business with the federal government will give the business a chance to grow and establish itself. This is a bold step for any business and you need to understand the rules that surround and govern doing business with the federal government. The federal contracts differ from commercial contracts and they most times have longer lead times. The government does not offer any discrimination when awarding such contracts and most times they ward them to small businesses provide they fit the requirements and are able to deliver.

The process of acquiring the relevant certifications is relatively easy. This is the only way for the business to qualify. The CCR is the main system for prospective contractors to register their interest in doing business with the federal government. Federal agencies use the database when it comes to locating contractors. If there is any change in the business information they can easily update the changes by documenting the change in one place and it will be available to all the agencies.

The first step for any small business that is interested in doing business with the government is to register. They will contact the Central Contractor Register who will guide you through the whole process. Being a small business the CCR will redirect you to register with the Small Business Administration. Here, you will learn more about the additional requirements that are needed. The business must then submit representations and certifications on the relevant site. Make sure that you have all the items required in the registration as a federal contractor like the Data Universal Number System, NAICS, Product service codes, etc.

Upon completion of the CCR process the business is also required to register with ORCA which has been designed to replace the old paper based submission of sealed bids or request forms. Certifying the business as a small business is relatively easy. Proper registration will guarantee your business quick approval. All the necessary permits and licenses should be up to date so as to qualify. Any small mistake could have your business disqualified. Government contracting can be easy provided all the relevant information has been submitted. Omitting details that might seem irrelevant is what ends up disqualifying the business and having their bid rejected.

Information is easily accessible and available in the approved government sites concerning the eligibility of a business. The activities of small businesses are overseen by the Office of Small Business Utilization. OSBU offers a range of programs in helping small businesses understand the bidding process and ensuring that they learn how to fill the application forms well. The right time allocation will have the business done with all the necessary registration and make them ready to start engaging the government in business.

A clean past record of business dealings will act as good recommendation for the business. This includes audit reports and tax compliance certifications. Your business might also receive officials who will conduct an overview survey of the business if all the registration requirements are in order.

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